Creating the nutritional supplement of your dreams can be a long and complicated process.
Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!
At We Do Private Label – our goal is to guide you through the entire process and make your manufacturing experience as easy as possible.

Here are some of they key parts of our process:


Creating the nutritional supplement of your dreams can be a long and complicated process.
Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!
At We Do Private Label – our goal is to guide you through the entire process and make your manufacturing experience as easy as possible.

Here are some of they key parts of our process:

No matter the stage, we are happy to help! We will guide you through market trends and help you decide what type of products you want to make. We Do Private Label is a dedicated and highly successful DIRECT manufacturer.


Choose from one of our stock formulations or create your own custom formula! 

Whether you are an established business looking to expand a line of products or a new business interested in launching a nutritional supplement – WeDoPrivateLabel is here to help you put out a product your customers will love!

Stock Formulas

What is a Stock Formula?

A Stock formula is a product that has already been pre-formulated but has not been blended or packaged. 

WDPL has a number of Stock Formulas that are ready to order. We carefully evaluate trends in the market to create unique stock formulations that stand out. Our Stock formulas are effective and have been tested on the current market. 

The Stock formula is ready… are you?


  • Protein & Meal Replacement Supplements
  • Pre and Post Workouts
  • Weight Gainers
  • Fat Burners
  • BCAA, EAA, Aminos Blends
  • Carb Loading Supplements
  • Digestive Health Supplements
  • Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs
  • Super Greens and Super Reds blends
  • Mood Enhancement and Stress Management Supplements
  • Different Types of Collagen Supplements 

And Many More!

Custom Formulas

Our in-house analytical chemist can create a custom formula for you based on your needs, ideas, and budget. Our Analytical Chemist has over 20 years of experience working with formulations of all sorts. Whether you are in need of an effective supplement or a flavorful powder, our analytical chemist will find the right formula for you.

Custom Formulas can be created for:

  • Powders
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Softgels
  • Tablets

*Samples will be provided for approval. Fees may apply. Sample fees paid will be credited back to you when order is placed.

We Do Private Label Also Offers:

Unique Flavor Formulations 

Do you have a flavor you have always dreamed of creating but never had the resources to make it happen? Well, let’s turn that dream into a real product for your business! At We Do Private Label our experienced in-house analytical chemist/flavor specialist will create a unique flavor formulation for you to bring your desired flavor to life. 

Flavor Matching

You want your unique formula’s flavor to match an existing product? Just send in a sample. We Do Private Label can develop a flavor to match it, and depending on your preferences, even make it better!

Stock Products

What is a Stock Product?

A Stock Product is a finished product that has already been formulated, blended, packaged and is ready-to-go.
Kickstart your nutritional supplement business with a stock product your customers will be sure to love! We keep up with the latest in current market trends, best-seller lists, and top supplements searches to come up with our current and growing line of stock products. We like to stay one step ahead which is why we carefully monitor emerging trends in the market and immediately begin working on effective formulas to meet demand. We thought of everything when creating our line of ready-to-go products – the only thing missing is your custom label (Ask us to Design + Print one for you!). 
Stock products are the easiest, safest, and fastest way to get started in the nutritional supplement industry with minimal financial risks to your new business. If you already have an established nutritional supplement business, stock products are a great way to expand your current line of product offerings to reach a wider range of customers. Submit your order today and have your new product in less than a week!
Using your own design/print services? Send us your finished label (must meet all of the specifications of the stock product purchased) and we will place it on your stock product for you.
We Do Private Label is dedicated to providing you with the best quality products this market can offer at the most competitive prices possible.

-- Samples Of Our Stock Products Are Available Upon Request --

Design Services

The key to a successful product in the supplement business, large or small, is not just in the product quality or how effective product is – surely those things are important, but customers cannot try your product before deciding if they will purchase it. The label is the first thing the customer sees and is what will tell the customer everything they need to know about your brand before the effectiveness of your product ever gets a chance to. The truth is if you are going to invest time, money, and energy into starting or growing your own supplement business, it’s important you also invest in professional design services to create eye-catching, modern, and attractive labels for your products. The Label is the first impression and first impressions count! It is what ultimately draws customers in to learn more about your products and brand. 
At We Do Private Label, our team of experienced designers will work to help you create product labels that appeal to your desired audience all while still remaining true to your brand.

Compliance Checks & Supplement Fact Creation Services

All labels created by our team, are checked to ensure FDA & cGMP compliance so you can feel confident that your product meets all of the requirements set forth by the FDA. We also offer Supplement Fact Creation services. 

We offer Design Services for different types of packaging as well as branding and marketing materials:

  • and MORE
Contact Us to inquire about a specific design request.


WeDoPrivateLabel offers Co-Packing (Contract Packing) options so you can get your finished nutritional supplement product packaged and shipped out to you or your customers in no time! Whether you have your own packaging materials or want us to provide the packaging material for your product, we are excited to run our fast and efficient production lines to your meet demand. Our experiences working in this industry have strengthened our ability to reduce timelines and make for a smooth, hassle-free, packing experience. Make the best move for your business and choose us for your Co-Packing need.


With WeDoPrivateLabel, shipping is a breeze! Whether you’re in the tri-state area or across the globe, we promise to deliver your products in a safe and timely manner. We have meticulous packaging and shipping processes in place to ensure quality and care is communicated to every customer.

Storing and Fulfillment

Why stop at manufacturing? Let us take care of your fulfilment too! 

At We Do Private Label, our staff is fully trained and equipped to handle your daily incoming orders, track inventory (preventing backorders and product expiration), and safely pack your products to prevent damage during transit. Our employees are just as dedicated as we are to delivering quality which is why every product goes through a thorough inspection process before it is packed and shipped off. We make sure that expired, unsealed, and/or contaminated products are never sent to the customer.
At We Do Private Label, we believe that the foundation to a successful nutritional supplement brand is making every experience for the customer a positive and delightful one.

We Do Private Label Offers Other Special Services That Include:

Third Party Lab Testing 

Amazon Listing Management & Amazon Account Optimization

Analytical Chemist Consultation 

Supplement Facts Creation

COA Creation

Professional Photo shoot for your products

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