Multi Collagen 1800mg – Capsules

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Multi-collagen refers to a blend of various types of collagen, a protein crucial for skin, bone, joint, and tissue health. Collagen comes in different types, with each supporting different functions in the body. Common types include Type I (skin, tendons, bones), Type II (cartilage), Type III (vascular walls, skin), and others. Multi-collagen supplements combine several types to offer a broader range of benefits, supporting joint health, skin elasticity, hair and nail growth, and more. By integrating multiple sources like bovine, chicken, and marine collagen, these supplements aim to deliver comprehensive support for overall health and vitality.


Container: 400cc WHITE HDPE Pecker Bottle

Closer: 45mm White Smooth

Desiccant: 1 Unit

Neck Bands: 45mm Clear Plastic

Final Box: 16x10x5″ Brown Cardboard

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